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AT&T Foundry Stories


The Creative Ask


The AT&T Foundry is looking for a creative partner to help consult, ideate and produce a series of core stories that provide a foundational explanation and engaging visual depiction of the AT&T Foundry. 

This series of short documentary narratives will be equal parts creative and compelling, informative yet captivating, authentic and approachable; and above all else, an honest portrayal of real stories about real people. we will showcase how the Foundry is creating real-world solutions for real-world problems.

The underlying purpose of these videos is to reinforce the AT&T Foundry’s core vision for a diverse audience: to build and create positive connections by creating real solutions that add exponential value for customers.

And, just as the Foundry serves as a preview of the possible future ahead, so too will we engage, experiment and advance our understanding through close collaboration with the Foundry throughout this process as a whole.

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Make It Avocado 🥑


Slater Dixon Executive Producer | CReative Director

Formally trained at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, Slater specializes in designing, capturing and creating celebrated content for agencies and brands. He is an accomplished creative thinker, problem solver, leader and collaborator.

Equal parts strategic thinker and artists' advocate, Slater is known for developing and guiding productions around the globe and in all forms of content; from social to broadcast.  Slater is passionate about finding new ways to connect brands with audiences and test the limits of formats and budgets.


show reel


2018 - Avocado 🥑 "showreel" 


meet A J


2018 - AJ "Hanger, Inc." 


meet Ahmet


2018 - Ahmet "The Blind Captain" 


Israel Foundry


2018 - Israel "Team Profiles" 


Houston Foundry


2018 - Houston "Team Profiles" 


portfolio examples


Avocado 🥑 Docu-Narrative Work Samples

Wacom - "Carli - Animal Photographer"


Columbia Land Trust - "Walking the Path"



Our Approach

Pfizer - "Get Old"

Nature Conservancy - "Space Cowboys"




Apple - "Northern Flicker"

Verizon's 5G IncubatoR - "ChalkTalk"

how it's done


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the "authentic approach" by Avocado