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Slater Dixon Executive Producer | CReative Director

Formally trained at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, Slater specializes in designing, capturing and creating celebrated content for agencies and brands. He is an accomplished creative thinker, problem solver, leader and collaborator.

Equal parts strategic thinker and artists' advocate, Slater is known for developing and guiding productions around the globe and in all forms of content; from social to broadcast. Slater is passionate about finding new ways to connect brands with audiences and test the limits of formats and budgets.

The Creative Ask

Wacom is seeking the services of a video production agency to shoot and produce x3 videos highlighting the advantages of using Wacom devices for 3D CAD. 

Key objectives

-                Introduce pen-based CAD to Industrial Designers and Engineers

-                Introduce Wacom’s CAD solution

-                Illustrate how it works and the benefits of working this way

-                Establish Wacom products as a viable solution for working in 3D applications

Target audience

-                 Users of pen-friendly 3D CAD applications (Solidworks, Fusion 360 etc.)

-                 Industrial Designers who work in CAD

-                 Product Design Engineers or Mechanical Engineers

Footage for the videos to be filmed at our customer offices in Elk River, Minnesota.


The following pages detail our creative approach and a budget range necessary in order to successfully accomplish the scale of the ask at hand.


Standing Out Starts Here

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portfolio examples


Wacom - "University"

Wacom - "Cintiq Sizzle Reel"

AT&T - "Digital Life Film Festival" | Module #7

Wacom - “Carli - Animal Photographer

Wacom - "Intuos Creative Stylus"

Intel - "Desktops Redefined"

how it's done


Our Approach


We work with our clients by identifying key goals as well as project metrics in order to exceed our clients' expectations and leave our audience wanting more. 



We get as close as possible by exploring opportunities at every angle. This is where we listen, learn and begin to shape as well as customize each production. 



Here’s where we apply all of our research and learning in order to strategize and develop the most compelling stories possible. Creative concepting, treatments, story development, scripting and storyboarding all happens here. 


Feedback Loops

Follow up dialogue allows us to tailor our workflow to meet the needs of every undertaking. We approach each creative hurdle as an opportunity. And every opportunity is met with enthusiasm and an open mind. 




Our Process


At the heart of everything we create and do lives our process. Our overall priorities are centered on strategy, creative and proper Pre-production planning. 


strategy & creative

Script, Story & Visual Development

Creative Direction

Production Planning



Production Scheduling

Project Management


Location Scouting

Set Design & Construction



Live Action Production

Production Travel

Camera, G&E Considerations

Cast & Crew




Animation / Graphics

Library Music

Audio Design / Sweetening / Mix

Color Correction

Final Compression & Delivery 




Creating On-Scope & Within Budget


Design with the budget in mind


Open client communication


Flexible resourcing


show reel


2018 - Avocado 🥑 "showreel"