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Case Study - INTEL "Desktops Redefined"

Size:  2M Audience

Market: Brand Commercial | USA


With everything moving toward the mobile device, Intel recognized a need to remind consumers how much more you can accomplish day to day with their new line of Intel Core “skylake” processors.

Our mission was to create an online video campaign that inspired users to think about all the amazing things they can do with a computer. With well-choreographed visuals synced to an infectious beat, asking users how they couldn’t love the desktop computer…again, and suddenly, the desktop is reintroduced as a home necessity.

After coming off flat revenue year-on-year with PC business in decline and non-volatile memory businesses, Intel recorded full-year revenue and quarterly revenue with growing enthusiasm for the 6th Generation Intel Core “Skylake” processors.

Case Study - AT&T "Digital LIfe Film Festival"

Size: 300K Audience

Market: Product Launch | Employee Training | USA

Partners: SMITH

How do you educate hundreds of thousands of AT&T retail sales associates on all of the features and benefits of the newly released Digital Life platform?

A boring Powerpoint presentation with animated charts and graphs? Ahhh, no thanks…think bigger!  

How about a rented tux, screaming fans and unconventional film festival that celebrates AT&T’s Digital Life “Smart Home Security?!”  Sounds like a winner to us!!

Avocado Films crafted seven highly unique and original short films, with one actor playing all 17 characters, complete with a celebratory walk down the red (er…blue) carpet.

The result: Our client reported greater engagement and retention than in any previous product onboarding program or employee training guide. Ultimately resulting in a surge of AT&T Digital Life sales since the film festival's release.

Lights. Camera. Remote smart home security!

Case Study - Catapult King "Money Fling"

When app gaming meets the casino floor, a younger generation of gamblers enter into the mix. Exactly the goal for this exciting new product that actually pays-to-play with real money fling.

But how do you grab the attention of millions of tourists bombarded by the lights, bells and whistles of sin city? A bright, bawdy, romp that demonstrates Catapult King’s simple POV first-player perspective, and our innate desire to shoot and knock stuff down.

Catapult King launched this creation, in partnership with HINGE, on custom made video screens installed directly above the touch-screen slot machines found on the casino floor. Players took aim almost immediately as the games have now catapulted to a new favored source of casino revenue.

Size:  1.5M Audience

Market: Brand Commercial | USA

Partners: HINGE



Case Study - Florida Hospital "Anthem"

The Skill to Heal. The Spirit to Care.

The things that make Florida Hospital different are making a big difference in the lives of their patients. Florida Hospital is one of the country’s largest not-for-profit health care providers with 22 campuses serving communities throughout Florida. Being a not for profit hospital means that they serve for a very important reason: for the health of their patients.

For more than 100 years, Florida Hospital has been profoundly committed to those who seek care. Having become known the world over for the expert, compassionate, individualized attention given to the millions who have already passed through their doors, and the million plus patients who seek care each year.

This project was in collaboration with HINGE. 

Size:  500K Audience

Market: Brand Commercial | USA

Partners: HINGE

Case Study - CLI "Any Language"


“over 7million hits and counting”

Brand Manager |  Adidas "energy boost"  |  June 2015


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