Meet The Team


Slater Dixon Director | Creative | Producer

Formally trained at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, Slater specializes in designing, capturing and creating celebrated content for agencies and brands. He is an accomplished creative thinker, problem solver, leader and collaborator.

Equal parts strategic thinker and artists' advocate, Slater is known for developing and guiding productions around the globe and in all forms of content; from social to broadcast.  Slater is passionate about finding new ways to connect brands with audiences and test the limits of formats and budgets.


PAT Gerke EDITOR | Animator | Designer

Whether it was the broken toaster when he was five, or his first car as a teenager, Pat has always reveled in the simple and satisfactory act of making things work. It’s an art form as much as it is a process, simultaneously satisfying both hemispheres of Pat's brain.

Depending on the client ask, Pat assumes the role of animator or designer, engineer or programmer. Pat is most at home when he is left to chisel, hone, and polish motion graphic projects into gems. In a single word, Pat is the tinker at Avocado.